Email Marketing & Management

Mailzila is a professional Email Marketing Panel and also a special platform for sending and managing your Newsletter or advertising emails. You can design templates, launch a campaign and do bulk email marketing too.
Sending to Inbox
The lowest sending price
New Convenient Management Dashboard
Email Marketing Management Tools
Site & Server API Connection
Mailzila Email Marketing tools
Professional Email advertising platform
Modern options and standard Email templates
Support all languages and fonts
Unlimited contacts and send Emails

Email Marketing Panel

A great professional sending advertising Email tools.

Connecting to Site

Connect your all server & domain to the panel.

Email Monitoring

Checkout your newsletter, promotional & site Emails.

Contacts Management

Sort your contacts & make a Segment List.

Email Server

Use as out-going Email server.

Tools Features

All email marketing services in a panel.

Connection Center

Connecting whole email communications.

Top Rate

Class A in Email Marketing providers.
Unlimited newsletters design
beautiful templates for editing
Dashboard to build custom templates
Launch email marketing campaigns
Importing contacts list from Excel
Manage and analyze campaigns
Sent Email Statistics analysis
Filter segments with characteristics
Create user profiles for communication
Standard Persian Language RTL
Build webform with easy tools
Monitor outgoing emails from panel
Tracking opened emails
WordPress & Joomla plugins and extensions
Full compliance Website Emails with the Panel
Custom API connections
Storage of personal files and templates
Professional tools for programmers

Unlimited WebForm Buildings

Target Marketing

Cheap Price

Wordpress Plugins

Unlimited Domain Connections

Free Templates

Dedicated API

Joomla Components

Modern Template Design

Unlimited Subscribers

Email Tracking

Quick Email Sender

Unlimited Campaign Designing

Unlimited Sending

Traffic Analysis

Email Monitoring

What is Email Marketing Tools?
An email platform to built newsletters for sending your email more efficiently. you can start campaigns with the benefits and cost savings of using a more efficient, global email tools & services.
How much does it cost?
How many subscribers could be added in contacts?
Is any anti-spam guarantee?
How long my charge account is valid?
Where I can purchase credit?

Website Managers

Connecting incoming & outgoing emails from your sites 

IT Managers

Connecting Server, network and application to email server

Marketing Managers

Launch campaigns and tracking opend emails.

Corporate Executive

Received emails Monitoring in main management dashboard

Service Providers

Regular Sending new offers and following-up customers

Brand Managers

Send your company News & congrats to your clients
خدمات بازاریابی مدرن ایمیلی

Smart Communications

Target Marketing

Sending on Schedule

Detailed Activity Reports

Time to track your results with our beautiful visual representation of your statistics integrated seemlessly with your detailed email log.

Email Client & Spam Testing

Preview your email across the most popular mail clients and get detailed spam analysis reports all before sending your campaign.

Segmentedt & Targeted

Our powerful segmentation tool lets you created very targeted groups of contacts for personalized messages.
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